Private Dog Training Services


The Animal Department is a unique program designed to redefine the art of private in-home dog training. Not only do we fix behaviors, but we incorporate professional level film training with every dog. Whether your pup just needs to get back on track with manners, or you think it's got what it takes to be the next big star we can help! All clients will have access to priority submissions for film work if interested.

There is more to the Animal Department than just glitz and glamour, we have also had specialized training and years of experience in aggressive dog rehabilitation, behavioral modification, therapy training and service dog work. We understand how busy life and family can be, so we have created several programs that are easily adaptable into your schedule AND that will take your dog to stardom level success!



In home consultation- $30/45 min

This allows us to evaluate your dog's behavior as it relates to your home environment as well as interactions with other members of the family. We then tailor a specific training plan that will be most effective for your individual needs.

phone Session $50/hr

If you are looking for advice or just need a little help, we now offer single sessions over the phone. This is a great options for someone that just needs a few pointers, previous clients, and folks that are out of town. We won't waste your time or money. If we feel the problems you are describing need more than a phone call we will let you know right away and set you up with one on one consultation to find a program that best suites your needs. 


Ready to start looking for a new dog? It can be overwhelming going into a facility for adoption and feeling like you have to make a decision that will last for years to come in a very short window of time. Learn what to look for, what questions to ask and how to decode personality descriptions. This package includes one free consultation and one 1-hour scheduled visit with you at your convenience to visit a shelter/rescue/breeder and assist in evaluating and choosing the right dog for your family. Additional visits to adoption facilities are priced at $50/hour. 


in home sessions- 4 one-hour sessions $400 total


This is the ultimate plan for a dog that needs to master the art of walking respectfully on a leash, has problems barking/jumping at the door, and needs to take you seriously when you say "No". Learn the skills needed to take back control, create healthy boundaries and effectively communicate with your dog. *Must be completed within 6 weeks, no money back.

Also a great option for new puppies! Get two sessions back to back to start you off on the right foot and squash bad behaviors before they start. Set you and your pup up for success by learning the best practices for potty training, crate training, sleeping through the night and chewing. Get a confident, well rounded, well behaved pup through this no-pressure training system.

*puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and be up to date on all vaccinations including Bordetella. 



therapy/service dog training- $tbd

We are not able to provide dogs for clients at this time, however we offer a variety of training accommodations. Each training program is arranged on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly for more details.

CGC testing coming this summer!


Film Work/Advanced training- $50/session (min 10 sessions)

We are always looking for confident dogs with lots of personality that love everyone to be our next potential movie stars! Our trainers have worked with animals large and small for projects all over the world. Feel free to check out our CREDITS page for a partial list of projects we have worked on. We incorporate a very specialized training that is unlike any other. Please send us an email or call for more details.