Our philosophy:

Coming from such a diverse background in animal psychology and behavior, our style is incredibly flexible. We are also able to incorporate professional level film training techniques into our our private client programs. Did you know most Hollywood doggie stars came from rescues? It's true! Our techniques are one of a kind that not only create happy healthy dogs, but ones capable of Hollywood level stardom! At The Animal Dept. we have created a balanced training system, which means giving your dog a clear understanding of what you want from them as far as what is right AND what is wrong. We believe it's healthy to teach a dog "No" and give boundaries to acceptable behavior, not ignore it and wait for it to go away. Having this combination of both consequences for your actions and reward for making good decisions creates a BALANCED sense of confidence and accountability.

We make training fun for both you and your dog while integrating the structure and consistency needed to make major changes quickly that will last a lifetime.

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