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certified professional dog trainers for

private clients and film

Andrea Gold is based out of Austin Texas and is the owner and founder of the Animal Department. She holds a degree in Animal Behavior and Wildlife management, has multiple training certifications, and over 15 years experience training animals for film in Los Angeles, service and therapy dog training, pre-adoption rehabilitation and behavioral therapy.


Film training

Andrea (founder/lead trainer) has worked on such projects as Jurassic World, Dolphin Tale, Into the Wild, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marmaduke, True Blood, CSI: Miami, The League, Conan, Ellen, Vogue and Elle Magazine.* We are also partnered with animal companies all over North America. 

Think your pet has what it takes to be the next big star? We are ALWAYS looking for brave, well trained and well socialized dogs to submit for film projects. Contact us for more information!


Private training

Whether it's leash pulling, counter surfing, coming when called, barking, listening, leash lunging, aggressive behavior, guarding, potty training, puppy training or anything you can think of, we can help. We have an incredibly diverse background in animal behavior and training which has allowed us to create an easy program for both you and your dog to follow that has proven itself for hundreds of dogs both in the shelter system and at home. Find out more about our services below!

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How we train

We go a step beyond and delve into the psychology of behavior. Together we go over the symptoms you see on the surface, and then work on the root causes of the problem. Simply ignoring bad behavior and rewarding momentary pauses is not good enough or effective long term. We educate our clients as well as the dogs on motivation for behavior, and implement a system of consistency, accountability and structure to create stable calm dogs using a positive yet balanced method. This allows for quick and effective long term success. You will start to see the transformation happen day one!